Invasive Satellite

June 14, 2012

I am an invasive satellite to this project:

Voyeuristically monitoring the action of “Eat your Sidewalk” via spurse tweets, challenges, blog posts and internal phone conversations, i am piecing together what the agenda of the collective is, and what the behavior of of the group indicates.
Coming at this project from a distance, via interweb and cell phone service, i am limited in my knowledge of a local other than my own.  i am admittedly limited even more here, based on how i am circling what i view others knowledge and exploration of their own locale to be.  Hence, the self appointed title of “Invasive Satellite”.

This is an attempt to make a clear depiction of the quality of the diagram — the circle — i am drawing around things as i look to relate and keep up with those whose practices interest and benefit my own practice and nature.  This last sentence is written with an assumption that the reader will believe my interest in relating to be mutually beneficial to those things which i am attempting to relate to based on my responsible reaction.  i.e writing.

I have every intention of being present in the place where the action is taking place.  Economics thwart my movement, i fail at floating in the recession, i resign to tread water.  I take out a northeast (north american) plant identification  book from the Portland Public Library, i talk to my roommates about what plants are growing in the driveway (comfry, dandelions, bleeding hearts) I begin to read about the multifaceted ACORN in “stalking the wild asparagus” and notice on bike rides that the Japanes Knotweed cole indicated was tasty as a young shoot (cook as you would asparagus) has grown tall and gangly and i don’t bother to harvest it at such a stage.

now combing portland, maine — i miss my home on peaks island where i felt more connected to nature, more sure of my identification skills.  The city’s nature is a challenge, as well as gathering knowledge and developing an understanding of larger spacial areas from a distance.  Practically, its seems all one can do is look around where they are, not try to see too far away, but what is under there feet, and yet i know there is more sustanence elsewhere. I am near sited forever, glasses are of no help when challenged to move toward sustenance.  Observing things practically i am reminded that some just go without.

Perhaps, i am foolishly re-enforcing romantic ideals by paying attention, and am writing to say i am sad about my lack of direct participation!  I read about iain and cole’s activities, their mode of operation and see their stories, good intention, prodding, and yet can not move myself to be in the same space as them or create a similar space based on their model for myself, here.  The motivation that enforces their action comes from the collective, comes from friendship, from being able to sit down and enjoy a meal together.  Mostly it comes from sharing a perspective and a desire for change and to build.  This is what we share.  I invade in this manner from a far because I am trying to develop my own form of support and do not want to pay into a system to give me something that does not provide me with proper nutrition, live in excess, be blind sighted to what is at hand etc… Yet, our societies monetary system and social norms contain the water i am treading in.  I long to escape to the open ocean where at worst, i could get washed away.  At best, i’d feast on seaweed and mussels, but i’d rather do it with others!

i read “further evolotion of neo-liberal economic logic” and have to look it up.  it gets me thinking, amazes me that our biological families play into a logic that does not trend with survival.  they play into what disables us and therefore makes bartering and gifting seem like one side of the equation is taking advantage of the other. how do we enable people to see each others strengths and look out for one another based on innate capacities?

i should be there to remove the poison ivy.  i am less allergic than cole.  i’m sure i could barter based on my capacity for enduring topically poisonous plants with his ability to carry more weight than i.  However, health does not prosper when anyone “should” do anything, that word should be taken out of our language, and yet, i continue to use it —  offering the thought (sentiment) is as direct as i can be now.

Breaking down — The entire premise of “Eat your Sidewalk” is experimenting with ways to break down the market.  To re-engage shopkeepers (those that represent marketing) and maintain public interest by teaching one to not be overcome with consumption.  It’s a matter of re-identifying what is nutritious and what is a valuable way to spend time.

My circle surrounds my own susceptibility to marketing, online research, observation, swimming, limited phone conversations, gleaning (sharing well fare) and interest in providing optimal health for myself and others.  i know good words, pictures, and stories are spread through public and private conversation, and responsibly using technology to channel a force for re-mediation and re-generation.  Momentarily, this seems to be as direct as i can get in my role as an invasive, i am already far away from home.

Pierre Bourdieu’s, The Essence of neoliberalism.

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