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Portland Phoenix 1/17

January 13, 2017

CULTURAL APPROPRIATION – because you’re already in it

topic surveyed and astutely cut apart into palatable pieces by Nick Schroeder

From what i can gather giving credit where credit is due one decent reparation for what may seem “stolen” . Taking with gratitude and acknowledgement of ones own awe in otherness or observing and weaving in admirable parts of otherness with awareness to where and how such an addition came about challenges us to dig into history, to follow a thread that has crossed our paths backwards. sometimes we are hit with the full story but more often than not a pieces of things fall from context. It almost like instead of being in love with a thing, good appropriation is going slow enough by it or scooping the thing up with a statement of “i would like to know more about where you came from” or even of consent ” can you tell me more about where you came from? “