Rabbit wHole lotta nothing but silence towards others through time.

June 22, 2012

nothing but silence towards others through time.
you are too


the Fox tale is ours.

nothing is yours.
because you only want what you think is yours
which was never yours
even if you are loved, or do love,
even if you think it will stay.
Beware what you think is yours.
take this to heart, as i do,
you too will pass away.

and beer and smokes
and more women will always
be in play.

unless someone sells out to Jesus.

shhh no one likes to talk about the undone things.
it’s mostly irrelevant
except to the speakerbox on the corner shouting all day long, the truth.

the incredible nature of the invisible, is that it never disappears.
it lingers forever.
acknowledging the pass, the new deal.
more players at the table.
hello to the ghost at your side, the form i begin to outline at twighlight
the best time of day.
re-appearance of the dearest parts of my world. the rarest illusions closest to my heart.
what could not stay at my side, but is at my side always.
i see it now.
as the darkness sets in.
and not everyone sees what now only glows in the dark.

i shift my hips, from one to the other, depending.

i have no fear.
throwing the drink out, the sink out, the bathwater, alone.

i wait for the glimmer to re-appear.

someday my babies will be blue,

and reflect all of this sky.



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