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Watermelon Sugar

August 26, 2010

I don’t think i liked it.
Supposedly everything was made out of it.
But did everyone have to get drunk on the past —
cut off all their reaching parts — in front of people who weren’t opposing them.
In front of the people who were cultivating life — who listened to their proclamations —
as they tried to prove they knew more of what death was?

What were they trying to say?
Why must one die of a broken heart?
One must not let their heart break.
I’m leaning toward what Pauline said – ASSHOLES.
Margaret really did just get lost while she collected beautiful forgotten things.
She wasn’t drunk, just lost, maybe just in the wrong place.

Still, the codes aren’t able to be translated all the way.

Foxglove burning, eternally lighting up a tomb, seen from a river bank or bridge to the depths.
A constant reminder of what no one will let be forgotten.

Really the past played into every part.

No one should have to plan the colors of the day if they are present.
One would wake up and decide.
They all made conclusions based on how it happened before.
No one ever explained how so many different things were produced from one source.
Not feasible, or logical, but intriguing.
I would stop using the watermelon products if it kept me in a place like that.
and the silence, at the end, a nice addition to the funeral.
The not being able to hear a thing, and then dancing.


August 17, 2010

Stonington, CT – Lord’s Point

August 13, 2010