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Investigative Poetry

February 17, 2018

35 mm Minolta – December 2017

Investigative Poetry

February 17, 2018


35 mm Minolta – October 2017 – All Hallow’s Eve.

Investigative Poetry – Autumn

January 8, 2018

35mm film Minolta, Peaks Island, ME  Oct. – Nov 2017

Investigative Poetry – Eclipse

October 4, 2017

35mm film Minolta – Peaks Island, ME

Moon’s orbit moves between the Sun and the Earth – Eclipse – August 21, 2017

Investigative Poetry – Braveheart + Worker Man [ Bridge] –

August 15, 2017

35mm film Minolta – Peaks Island, ME – March – April 2017

About ready / Ready About

Ground Level Framing.


Investigative Poetry – Light Heart on Earth

July 12, 2017


35 mm film in Minolta – May-June 2017 – Peaks Island, ME

Investigative Poetry – Man vs. Nature –

May 9, 2017


35 mm film – Minolta
200 ASA  – no battery – flash setting  – sunny 11, 8, 6.5

April, May 2017

March 1017  not pictured.  gravel delivery and dispersal over leveled perimeter footprint.



Man vs. Nature – Investigative Poetry

April 18, 2017


Recollection 2016 – September-October

B&W 35mm film – Nikon

with great thanks to Niki Taylor for chemistry, time + know how and Travers Tuttle for the kind lending of fuel receptacles to keep digging with.


Man vs. Nature – Investigative Poetry

March 7, 2017

2016 Re-collection  WINTER – SPRING – SUMMER – FALL

Peaks Island

35mm film Canon / Nikon


Work Statement

October 21, 2016

img_1034the laws of rocks and current never cease to tell me : look at the darkness of the earth, that is the ground, that is the rythmn to dance around. be still , no need to use any more defense than what the body is toward what aggravates and overwhelms and can erase. dont mis-identify bodies as anything but a shifting form. Let the currents wash over , let me be changed, and in this way be re-moved from this channel in love with the force that moves me, be come clean. Be the rock and the water. Thanks be to the water , the currents, the tides that teach and allow moments to grow in recession and through the process of reducing and deducing shape. the waters that lead me to becoming more of my immovable self, becoming more aware of the rock of my beating heart, less aware of the brain in my critical defensive mind . The rush of water clears, Movement is for lovers. It is for acceptional reception. to be seen this way, in Disaray, looking inward, let there be peace. Let the rock in the current be unconsciously ever so slightly moved and remain the same, resting well adjusted.

Acorn Theatre / visual correspondence

September 29, 2016




June 15, 2016

Investigative Poetry, nature vs. man

February 18, 2016

35mm color film
raspberry buds, hub, Jesse, blue flag blanket.
recollection: 07.15

Sacred & Profane 2013

October 22, 2013



Sacred & Profane 2013

Daylight Metal

September 9, 2013

Daylight Metal

Village, Lucky, Deluge, Surface