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Susan Sontag “On Photography”

December 29, 2011

Unlike the fine-art objects of pre-democratic eras, photographs don’t seem deeply beholden to the intentions of an artist.  Rather, they owe their existence to a loose cooperation (quasi-magical, quasi-accidental) between photographer and subject — mediated by an ever simpler and more automated machine, which is tireless, and which even when capricious can produce a result that is interesting and never entirely wrong.  (The sales pitch for the first Kodak, in 1888, was: ” You press the button, we do the rest.” The purchaser was guaranteed that the picture would be “without any mistake.” ) In the fairy tale of photography the magic box insures veracity and banishes error, compensates for inexperience and rewards innocence. ”  1973, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, p. 53.

12.24.12 The Disengaged, Stranded, Shuffle Fix

December 24, 2011

In place of all the cards i did not send. Much Love

1.  Moby — South Side
2.  Boards of Canada — Apparatus
3.  Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – Stranded in Your Love (feat. Lee Fields)
4.  Nick Drake — Poor Boy
5.  Pavement — Stop Breathin
6.  Ryan Adams & The Cardinals — Cold Roses
7.  Counting Crows — Another Horsedreamer’s Blues
8.  A Girl Called Eddy — Kathleen
9.  Billy Carroll  — Shy day, Side B Announcement
10.  Jolie Holland — Stubborn Beast
11.  Four Tet — As Serious As Your Life
12.  The Beatles — I’ll Get You
13.  Calexico — Track 02?
14.  Jamiroquai — Bonus Track

Get it Got it Good

December 23, 2011

no. 18

December 23, 2011


For my brother, on being friends:

December 16, 2011

Emotive Portland People singin judgements in the streets.

you rubbin off on me, nothing complete.

it always gets to the point where its


where it’s childish to consume

where everyone wants to get angrier,
shake and then pretend they haven’t made anyone upset.

when someone else helps them get better.

never mind how it looks on the outside it is not how it feels on the inside.

why’s it feel like we’re all waiting for the girls to start singing in the kitchen?

the kitchen where everyone has the exact one they take home.