3AB4A3C9-73DD-4328-A405-97D7D0CD373FAltar Boys performing at WILT Press issue #2 release Aug 24, 2017 7p @ Apohadion Theatre – Hanover St. Portland, ME with Greef and Jared Fairfield

Portland Phoenix Review of July Wonderwood sounds

Performing community theatre at TEIA July 28, 29, 30 a rendition of Christopher durangs vanya&sonia&masha&spike

Performing with Altar Boys at SPACE Gallery January 28 for their annual Wintertide review – a cold cold night + July 13 opening for Jeffrey Lewis.

Design promotional Materials for Acorn Theatre’s Naked Shakespeare . A collage of imagery and script on varied themes for their winter 2016-2017 run of six shows at Mechanics Hall.

Performing with Altar Boys during Waking Windows urban festival in Portland, ME October 1, 2016

curating 2016 Wonder Wood sound + picture Summer Series –  Peaks Island, ME –
includes the visual work of Marley Ingram, Jackman Wood, Carol Cartier, James Chute, Anna Blash, Edward Shenton, Kristin Dillon, Cole Caswell, Oliva Mantsch, Molly Hunt, Jamie Wing, Keenan Fox, Talullah Kamp, Matt Maiello, and Diane Weincke.
sounds performed by Kevin Attra, Matt Baker, Pete Swegart, Altar Boys, Eric Schwann, wildflower , Ronda dale, russell Kaback, Olivia & pollyJ , and barnabus .

Curating short films for Shorts in the Square shows in Portland, ME’s Congress Square Park – June 2015 – includes the work of Richard Mosse, Cooper Holoweski, Victoria Vesna, Sarah Bliss and Cole Caswell.

ALTAR BOYS – SEA LION WOMAN Debut show 976 Brighton Ave. Portland, ME April 18, 2015 6p.

Review of September 2013 Show at Deja Vu Gallery, Chapel St, Block Island, RI in the Block Island Times

Paintings showing in group show curated by Timothy Powers Wilson in NYC August – September at The New Contemporary 155 First Avenue New York, New York 10003

Phoenix’s Megan Grumbling Reviews installation work for Portland Theatre Collective, Lorem Ipsum


National Christmas Tree & Peaks Island Student Designers

Art and Other Important Things in Life;
Review of The Geographic Observatory’s work by independent curator and writer, Brita Konau

Review of “Patches Within Proximity”– Island Venture: USM Show Uncovers Peaks


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