Jessica Townes George is a woman, whose practice is grounded in: sleeping on islands, love poems, collecting things, giving things away, encouragement, ecosystems, children, and movement.  Her work holds an awareness of connectivity, composition, distance (space), writing, edges and sharing knowledge as important.

Jessica has a BFA in Painting/Photography from Rhode Island College and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio & Theory from the Maine College of Art (MECA).

Although painting may be dead, contemporarily speaking, she recalls Picasso’s words — painting is still a game worth playing. With her passion for a medium ineffective in the face of all that a film or digital reel can impart, she remembers a time when the human hand meant something and the love and stillness that can be imparted in the silent trust of paintings.

Her wide range of methods of paint application remain her chosen practice — along with a growing personal discipline given to yoga.  She continues to apply paint to two dimensional surfaces as a means of playful exploration of what is meaningful in her life.  Painting helps to recall and recognize a variety of spirits that have moved her to be still.  They hold places and people, drawings, poems and memory.

Some of her methods of application — say, oil paint and palette knife — show a formulaic approach to recreating the landscape, while others — drawing the shapes and colors of people and animals from memory or photographic reference — become knotted layers recreating a dream time.  In this latter method, paint shows as a thin veil to other layers of paint, ,palimpsest, that can not be seen through back to the beginning, only to what the surface has become.


2 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. Sid Ceaser Says:

    Greetings Jessica!
    How might I go about contacting you regarding tin type commissioned portrait info.

    Looking for info regarding a wedding portrait of myself and my wonderful bride-to-be.


  2. jack Says:

    guess f if i love///?

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