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WANTED: Un(der)standing Collaborators

June 28, 2009

Dear All,

I have been meaning to write sooner.  This rain has me pent up reading more of late and thinking about things i need to put on paper.  Cole and i have been restless in the rain; thinking about sailing, motoring, rowing, moving around the ocean and how to create the reality we want before reality creates us.  Block Island keeps calling as we need to bring work there and visit friends.  It’s impossible to plan between our upcoming residency, the boys, Art Walks, teaching an alternative processing class at SMCC, and getting in the studio.  Somehow the work will get to BI, but i don’t know if we will actually get a good visit in.  Nova Scotia is coming quickly and we are excited to see a place we have never been before.  Our curiosity with places and responding to a new landscape will surely spurn some ideas that have yet to be born.

The book i am reading, Diet for a Small Planet, has taken over the Judaic Mysticism book i am halfway through and need to return to Leon.  Everything i read these days reminds me of the challenge in making work that promotes a certain spritual/political/personal platform.  The idea of having mutually exclusive, and curiously well developed, private and public lives seems to be of utmost import.  As my social circle expands here in Portland and i begin to feel the warmth of community after two years on Peaks, it is hard to ignore the undeniable strength in collaboration, in having collaborators.

The question then becomes how to turn valued relationships and collaborations into a means of promoting a sustainable art practice, life and family.  Sacrificing one for another seems dramatic and unnecessary at this point in time, especially when we live in a country so full of choices.  I am in search of life that empowers other lives, including my own on all scales.  Knowingly, this requires collaborating with people who understand.  Understand in a way that promotes expansion and vitality.  People who understand their own and other’s pursuit of personal interests are not an indulgence of selfishness, but rather a celebration of diversity and a gathering of multiple perspectives leading to a greater understanding of all.

Wallace Stevens

June 13, 2009

Two Letters

A letter from

Even if there had been a crescent moon
On every cloud-tip over the heavens, 
Drenching the evening with crystals’ light, 

One would have wanted more-more-more-
Some true interior to which to return
A home against one’s self, a darkness

An ease in which to live a moment’s life, 
The moment of life’s love and fortune, 
Free from everything else, free above all from thought. 

It would have been like lighting a candle, 
Like leaning on the table, shading one’s eyes, 
And hearing a tale one wanted intensely to hear, 

As if we were all seated together again
And one of us spoke and all of us believed
What we heard and the light, though little, was enough. 

A Letter To

She wanted a holiday
With someone to speak her dulcied native tongue, 

In the shadows of the wood…
Shadows, woods… and the two of them in speech, 

In a secrecy of words
Opened out within a secrecy of place, 

Not having to do with love. 
A land would hold her in its arms that day

Or something much like a land. 
The circle would no longer be broken but closed. 

The miles of distance away
From everything would end. It would all meet.