Trying to Direct a Crane to Come Out This Way.

June 24, 2010

Starting with a square piece of paper make a triangle (one way) with color/pattern folded inside.  Open and make a triangle (the other way) with color/pattern on the folded inside.  Open up to a creased X visible and fold into a rectangle with the color/pattern on the outside.  Open and fold a rectangle the other way, keeping the color on the outside.

Now you have a square, color/pattern facing up, with 8 triangles between the folds.  Grab each side of a rectangle fold and push the middle up and together to make a square diamond.  This is tricky to describe.  Everything must get folded into itself.  The top becomes the body and the bottom stays open.   You fold the bottom, one side at a time, into the middle crease.  Then you flip it over and fold into the middle crease on the other side.  Now it looks like a kite.  Fold the top of the kite down over one side to make a crease and then put it back to looking like a kite.

This next part is the most difficult.  You must unfold/open one side up, pull it out, and fold it down into a long diamond.
The same with the other side.  Now there is a long rhombus/diamond with legs that move and a top that stays still.
Make the legs skinnier by folding them in close to the middle crease.  Then tuck the leg up into its side, but not all the way.  Line it up with the outside.  Do this to both sides.

On one side you fold a tiny portion down to make a head and the other side is the tail.  Open the wings up and expand the middle to make it sit up.

It took Elise (an experienced crane maker) making four or five consecutive cranes with me to get it programed into my muscle memory.  She is good at directing one to fold, and half of these words she surely said in the process of showing me yesterday.  No way is this (post) the appropriate means for directing the becoming of a crane.  One needs an actual present teacher and responder to their folding.  There is constant correction as one begins to go through the steps.  Trying to write out a recipe for others to use sans direct interaction fails!  This post intends to fail.  There shall be no cranes to come in response.

However, if you come to 157 High St.  There is now an assortment of colorful cranes in x to give away with visits and purchases, and there is someone to show you how to make one!  Elise left us some paper!

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