= Virgo and Pisces =

January 2, 2009

“The South Node in Virgo represents a Virgoan bias toward empirical means of gaining knowledge, and a resistance to the Piscean intuitive, numinous, consciousness-expanding tools for knowing.” lisa dale miller

“Virgo rules the body; Pisces rules the transcendent mind and deep psyche. Virgo is classical physics; Pisces is quantum physics. Virgo is healing the body with medicine, surgery, healthy lifestyle habits, and diet; Pisces is healing the individual and collective soul or psyche through energy medicine or the development of consciousness itself. Virgo is engineering and technological advancement through research and development; Pisces is the flashing, intuitive brilliance of revelation and abstract mathematics. Bring together the Virgo/Pisces duality—the mind/body connection—and you get the total spectrum of inner and outer knowledge. Mistakes are made when how we gain knowledge arises from a need to unnecessarily favor one to the exclusion of the other.” lisa dale miller

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