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January 2, 2009

Liberating the Ineffable and Unfathomable

Painting: A Refuge For the Ineffable.

Painting: An essential nutrient to the preservation of a significant ecology cultivating reciprocity and knowledge of a temporally wild and multiplicitous otherness.  

A True Justified Belief in Painting:  

Painting’s Use as Technology: Qualitatively Collecting and Producing Evidential Knowledge of a Landscape.

Integrating Evidential and Non-Evidential Information To Have A More Attuned System of Knowledge.

A Technology to Organize the Knowledge of an Inner and Outer Landscape

[evidential reasoning, evidential information]

evidential information – i.e., information that is to some degree uncertain, imprecise, and occasionally inaccurate.

The information technology (IT) of painting applied to the landscape for knowledge management (KM).

the range of information technologies are said to capture, store, retrieve, transfer and apply knowledge. Action research, with its emphasis on praxis and on the importance of ‘situated, practical theory,’ is an ideal vehicle for deepening PAINTING’s field of understanding of the design of experiments  Knowledge Management Systems for use in with the landscape / inside or outside the studio.  

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