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April 12, 2013

I read the prompts having made decisions with my heart
accounting intellect
that the analogies in this context are all too exotically common.
mangos, retreats, straw hats, promo posters,
chihuahuas, lack of education, disbelief, belief.

Here I am still prompted by others searching over a huge distance.
My language has not changed that much.
It is rehearsed,and new characters slowly slide their way
into a record of personal symbology.
and I am still prompted by those
who know how to speak my original tongue,
who speak up over a huge distance.
It will never be spelled out in front of me, in front of you.
Mirages are everywhere.
It is in the heart (haaaaaaaaaah)
the truth, that can be known when the voice,
the words, source from there
with sadness and longing.
They are the guides because their immeasurable shapes start inside.

Writing returns to the same topics,
drawings keep
being made to show new things.
The things our mothers and grandmothers
and fathers and brothers never spoke of.
Die before they dare tell us.
Before they even know ancestry doesn’t need a story
is that your make up sweating off?
It is what is carried through the tropics,
the desert, the meadows, the mountains –
For us on the same disparate mission –
we are the ones now responsible.
The curious, bold, silent actors
responding to meetings with those who say :
” You are not a predator, no, you are not prey.
You live how you breathe and you breathe how you live.
You are a teacher. ”

And you put aside those who are kept imprisoned
by the bad teachings of others black hearts.
Toxifying your own to see what its all about.
That place others speaks from
to the so many that think they must bother to give them heed.
You must not.
You already laid a trail.  You must follow that.
The breadcrumbs, the quench of stones.
The gems of light you, every so often, will be blinded by in your rear view mirror.
The colored rocks you see through the settling dust ahead in your windshield.

Don’t mis-identify those pieces that get hacked off, are left for dead on the ground.
You could found them as yours, pick up, take care.
They will purify the black of the heart,
the blocks
in in-operative elements so vital for a continuous high functioning example.

It is all not to forget.
We already have been the cat on too high an edge
misplacing the memory of a broken spine.
The women recommending, drink your own urine to reduce swelling
and raise immunity.
The musician beating a lullabye.
and the child who got lost because someone who can
chooses not to.

If you can remember, the green will feed you, the water will hold you and you will know what is good, sad and long.

I do not know the answers, there is nothing to believe. i just lay in the sun, shedding slowly, ignoring taboos to learn more discipline.

Define: Control

Compare: Mirage to Illusion

Explain: How to build and maintain health.

Make a Map : Of what you know by heart.

Bonus* In your own terms write an elaborate description (without too many frilly adjectives) on how one’s health relates to one’s home.