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December 21, 2012


for an Eel

December 9, 2012

He left her on the side of the road

Outside of salvation, the second time around

As a matter of fact, the times don’t count

Since all of the meaningful things happen so quickly.

in spite of everything, whether we have been dropped or picked up

Is hard to separate.

so far duality is indissoluble

Still she kissed another before

On a stomach full of apple slices

Chopped up by a statue

Guilty of having a heart.

This statue is one of considerable weight,

This holds the separate parts down.

And while the pressure grows he leans in and whispers:

“She deserves better, we all deserve better,”

And it is a song transposed

I comfort my insides with as we move along

Doing our own repairs, not without feedback

Since the statue holding us

Has monumentally rubbed off on each side

And we are all —

Fuzzily at first,

And eventually, when we realize what we are made of –

Perfectly receptive to each other.

(The Guilt gives way to Love)

And you act one part statue, one part shepard, one part witness to me growing.

As I see you don’t ask me to trust you

Or get down on the level

To show me there’s no consenting to get each other’s back

There are purely warm fires –

An example of duality comforting and ravaging –

With ears and ears, and feet to dance, fingers to fly by

And forget the time the friend stole the sweetheart

From you, from me, from himself!

where does trust hide when everyone steals

from each other, from unknowns

Short circuiting goodness graciousness

Great balls of fire!

there are more scandalous things than having a child

By someone you are learning to love.

Isn’t the right thing as plain as day?

How do I get the sun to shine in a lover’s world who claims to prefer the night?

I ask them to put their hands down


To do good

But all I get is nothing,

A Christmas song,

And a man who says he will only hug me if I do it his way.

Then he says he is not a man,

But I still should do it the way he wants,


I make a map to go my way

Disguised as his way

Because it is too fearsome to make a way that may make ugly babies.

no. 21

October 2, 2012


Scabs, Blessings, Sutures, Diamonds, Deities

September 30, 2012

lost my sacred heart on the island.  again it has come off without even asking. i wonder if its laying on the ground or in somebodies pocket held between separate shows.

Rabbit wHole lotta nothing but silence towards others through time.

June 22, 2012

nothing but silence towards others through time.
you are too


the Fox tale is ours.

nothing is yours.
because you only want what you think is yours
which was never yours
even if you are loved, or do love,
even if you think it will stay.
Beware what you think is yours.
take this to heart, as i do,
you too will pass away.

and beer and smokes
and more women will always
be in play.

unless someone sells out to Jesus.

shhh no one likes to talk about the undone things.
it’s mostly irrelevant
except to the speakerbox on the corner shouting all day long, the truth.

the incredible nature of the invisible, is that it never disappears.
it lingers forever.
acknowledging the pass, the new deal.
more players at the table.
hello to the ghost at your side, the form i begin to outline at twighlight
the best time of day.
re-appearance of the dearest parts of my world. the rarest illusions closest to my heart.
what could not stay at my side, but is at my side always.
i see it now.
as the darkness sets in.
and not everyone sees what now only glows in the dark.

i shift my hips, from one to the other, depending.

i have no fear.
throwing the drink out, the sink out, the bathwater, alone.

i wait for the glimmer to re-appear.

someday my babies will be blue,

and reflect all of this sky.



oh, i think he…

March 30, 2012

oh, i think he’d just say, ” i wasn’t really feeling myself that day ”
I’m coming over to write my name in the dust on your mantle.
dingus is running for mayor,

a seat

that is supposed to keep my attention?

over there

i wish it was here.

get your name in the neon lights,
carry around a lava lamp.
watch Pina
going for a walk.

Plugging Other People

no. 21 (these “poem” posts are now legal)

March 4, 2012

what does the signal returned measure? Does this mean i can get calls at any hour?


February 14, 2012


no. 19

January 8, 2012


12.24.12 The Disengaged, Stranded, Shuffle Fix

December 24, 2011

In place of all the cards i did not send. Much Love

1.  Moby — South Side
2.  Boards of Canada — Apparatus
3.  Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – Stranded in Your Love (feat. Lee Fields)
4.  Nick Drake — Poor Boy
5.  Pavement — Stop Breathin
6.  Ryan Adams & The Cardinals — Cold Roses
7.  Counting Crows — Another Horsedreamer’s Blues
8.  A Girl Called Eddy — Kathleen
9.  Billy Carroll  — Shy day, Side B Announcement
10.  Jolie Holland — Stubborn Beast
11.  Four Tet — As Serious As Your Life
12.  The Beatles — I’ll Get You
13.  Calexico — Track 02?
14.  Jamiroquai — Bonus Track

no. 18

December 23, 2011


For my brother, on being friends:

December 16, 2011

Emotive Portland People singin judgements in the streets.

you rubbin off on me, nothing complete.

it always gets to the point where its


where it’s childish to consume

where everyone wants to get angrier,
shake and then pretend they haven’t made anyone upset.

when someone else helps them get better.

never mind how it looks on the outside it is not how it feels on the inside.

why’s it feel like we’re all waiting for the girls to start singing in the kitchen?

the kitchen where everyone has the exact one they take home.

No. 17

November 19, 2011



November 15, 2011

The words come together and fall apart. They don’t stay attached, strung to each other in the way they were that one time, when i wanted to write it down, before now.

The fleas bite, he leaves.

Going away to a new love that helps us grow.
I can’t say us any more.
He said it’s not “we”, “this is all you”. Everything to be your own artist.
Your own artist.  Your own art. Your own. Your own.
Why does ownership over ride everything?

Collaborating with others, working together, feeling equal.  Weight can be respected.  Confidence builds in the things others can’t see, the things i feared. They are just things i feel. Others feel too. There are things i could not see before, others could not see before. The periphery, what was at one time out of bounds, is coming into focus. The picture is growing.

Apart, i remember there really is no canvas. It, not we, not only me, not only him or her, can grow infinitely bigger. Health abounds, and sadness. They will grow.  There is no stopping what we have started.

I slipped again.
Not We

I am admittedly slow.
I slip at this speed.
Do you keep up?

i am reminded of mortality, growing old before, before, before. Do it now or never. Like that bad Shepard says : “Only the Rebellious crave for happiness in this life.”

no. 16

November 3, 2011