Missing the Ferry Hurts

November 3, 2009

On schedule, it goes in and out.  With no awareness of us — of course, the captain can see us running down the hill and give an extra 30 second pause — the boat can’t see.  There’s no point in me trying to put the blame on the boat anyway.  Rather, i should put it on my watch.  My digital watch that i haven’t let the hour fall back on, so for the past two days I’ve had to subtract an hour, look again, think I’m running late, trick myself into right now.  It’s really all too much — not all days, but — today when i missed the ferry, it hurt.

The window of opportunity to devote a chunk of time to a project was clouded with the thought of getting on the ferry in two hours.  Now, two has turned to four and a half.  I have wasted four and a half hours waiting and missing a boat.  The frustration!  The disappointment! The shame!  The mental effort to place blame elsewhere only to know it can only fall on myself.

7:40 not 7:45.  The phone rang at 7:37 with Cole calling me to say he thought i got on an earlier boat and not to miss this one, he was waiting for me on the other side.  I couldn’t find my right boot!  I had taken it off because i was working on a blister and was trying to decide if a change of socks would help or just some tape around my heel.  I couldn’t find my boot once i decided on tape and this after knowing i needed to run.

What was I doing up until the point of that call?   There’s no mystery.  I had given Heta a shower to get the muck from the beach off her.  I had been watching youtube videos of Waylon Jennings in search of some old country duets.  I had been driving down to the ferry at 645 only to find i hadn’t looked at the schedule right and the boat wasn’t til 7:40.

Why is my timing not in sync with the ferry?  I blame it on getting accustomed to the new time change, and the fact that ghosts move my boots around so i can’t find them when i need them.

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