First attempt: Writing For a Newspaper

August 25, 2009

Jamie Hogan, contributing voice on our local

— island and city —

Art Scene

recently contacted me wondering about

myself/my collaborator/our collective

periodically writing into the Island Times.

Since my practice is individually and collectively

based on the necessity of multiple perspectives

— and responses to perspectives affecting our abilities —

to understand the land

( a family, a community, an island, a landscape, a place, an environment. )

It seems appropriate to make a foray into a written forum

to put forth ideas,

and yet an other, island perspective.

Living on an island, albeit a hop skip and a jump from Portland,

leaves one disconnected

— for whatever length of time we sojourn here —

to the wondrous world of unbounded perspectives.

(Un)defined Perspective 1: On Photography:

Cole has gained access to a Vermont manufactured, Zone Six,  8 x 10 camera.   For those camera lovers out there, you know how good this makes one feel to run such a beautiful tool.

The camera is so stunning in fact that Rhonda Berg and Eleanor Morse, on their way down City Point Road to Centennial Beach, became enthralled with the site set up in our backyard.  From where i was inside i could hear ” Look at that, is that a camera?” and one of them say “Yes, it is!”  The hope in which they asked the questions to each other, the tone in their voices that said “Look, you don’t see this anymore, i can’t remember the last time i saw one of these,”  made myself and Cole walk outside to say “Hello.”

Rhonda recounted

when a man used to come to her house and take her family’s portrait.

I asked, “was it at Christmas or for a wedding?”

She said, that she didn’t recall there being a reason.

An amazing bit of memory to share at a time when camera’s

are most typically mobile,

point and shoot,


I walked away from our short gathering

realizing what brought us all into the backyard to converse

was the camera itself.

The camera was the occasion and there need not be more.

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